A world of multiple crypto-currencies: Is it viable?


This is more of a question that an answer.

The question that is in many minds, including me, if a multi crypto-currency model a viable one? New coins are being introduced at faster and faster rate. Many have nothing more than the credibility of the company that floats them behind it. It seems to be the new gold rush. Fast forward and you see a world full of coins created by companies and potentially individuals such as celebrities, politicians and others.

Is this truly viable? Can we have such a world of many cryptocurrencies or coins? Can such a world function?

I asked this question to many business leaders, economists and few friends whose advice I value. Surprisingly, they all believe that it can not exist. It’s not viable. Often quoted reasons are:

  1. Governments will not permit it
  2. People have no way of judging the true value of it
  3. How will one manage so many coins
  4. Who will provide the exchange facilities
  5. and so on…

I am not an economist. But these objections seem to be remnant of the past models of currencies. Let me take a contrary position – A world of of multi-crypto-currency is viable? The reasons

  • Governments may have only limited ability to stop or control it.
  • Many countries may in fact adopt it. Case in point Venezuela
  • A crypto-currency is infinitely divisible
  • Near zero transaction cost
  • Anonymity of owner/transaction
  • Borderless

What are your thoughts?

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LaVeda vs popular milk brands vs local milkman


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Few reasons for LaVeda cow’s milk


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Should we (humans) drink milk?


Yesterday, a friend argued that we, humans, should not drink Cow’s (or for that matter milk from any animal) milk. Her logic was that if humans needed milk beyond an age (say a year or two) then nature would have given human females ability to produce milk as they do after giving birth.

A point that I had never come across before!┬áIt made me think, should we drink milk and in my case LaVeda Cow’s milk?

A sleepless night then it hit me. If we take her argument to the extreme i.e., eat/drink only what is readily provided by the nature. We should be able to take it without any special tools like a knife and consume without any alterations like cooking. If that is the case then just about anything except few fruits and vegetables should not be consumed. After all, that is what is naturally given to us. I am sure this would be just fine and some one must have come up with a diet plan by now.

However, restricting our diet to this level based on the logic of eating/drinking what is naturally available is beyond comprehension to me. And frankly speaking extreme. So, without any moral guilt I can safely say that “Yes, we should drink milk.”


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LaVeda starts daily milk delivery in West Delhi


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