A guide for ladies – How to keep a man happy


Recently, a friend posted on her Facebook page a list of how to keep a man happy. It was way too long (more than 5 items). I disagree. So, here is my version. Applies to (not all) most of the men…

  1. Feed him
  2. Sleep with him
  3. Leave him alone

That’s it ladies. It’s not really any more complicated than this.

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  1. 14/02/2014A guide for men – How t keep a lady happy - Mani Agrawal says:

    […] response to my last post on how to keep a man happy, a friend shared this. Way too good not to […]

  2. 20/05/2014Becky says:

    why men like lady leave him alone?
    I think I will together with my boyfriend ,no matter he have money or not.

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