A new chapter in content marketing strategy for professionals


The internet is abuzz with content marketing. It seems to be the flavor of the day and justifiably so. However, most of this discussion is around how to make your content go viral. What will catch the attention of the viewers? What will get tweeted by thousands and what will get most Facebook likes?

Need less to say that these strategies end up recommending the content that is eye-catching and with some funny or clever tag lines. The picture of a laughing cat or a video of some one acting silly while may bring million of of eye balls, it hardly brings the right kind of audiences for an expert who wishes to develop his/her credibility in a given discipline.

These strategies are great if you are selling milk or latest fashion items or or or…this style is highly questionable when it comes to promoting a professional image of an individual or an organization.

So, what is it that a professional seeks from the marketing perspective…

1. Establish one’s reputation in the chosen field as an expert
2. Grow the professional network
3. Engage people who may eventually become potential clients or business/professional partners

The kim kardashian style breaking the internet hardly helps you with above goals unless you happen to be in modeling/acting or related fields where overall popularity matters.

So, what can a professional do?

Historically, professionals/experts have focused on blogging, occasionally publishing a presentation and writing books including ebooks. The latest craze is about publishing on social media like Linkedin an information nugget or infographics.

While this may suffice for many, especially with high degree of activity on social media, it is hardly sufficient to maintain and grow your professional reputation at large. The time commitment, and the cost, could be prohibitive for many. After all you can tweet only so much.

The eBooks are one of the exceptions. Once the time and cost commitment is made it helps in continuously enhancing your reputation with each new reader, growing network and even create a passive income stream. So, the natural curiosity leads to the question of what else is out there that has similar or even better characteristics.

Developing online courses at Classle offers one such opportunity. Growing number of experts and accomplished professionals are joining the elite group of online educators to share their life’s experiences and expertise with students and learners globally. They are building a community of like minded people, interacting with them, and growing their reach beyond geographical boundaries. All this while generating a substantial passive income.

I believe that 2015 is the year where we add a new chapter in the book of content marketing for professionals and experts with online courses.

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