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A serial entrepreneur who like challenges of growing a company from concept to maturity and often in new Geographies.

We are launching La Veda – a chain of dairy farms to produce highest possible quality cow milk and supply directly to homes. We have been laying the foundation of it over last year or so. We introduced the milk from our farm on Sep 1, 2016. Currently, we are process of creating a chain of dairy farms across India. First two of which are coming up in Gurgaon area in coming months. Please reach out and be a part of the story.

I hold a position as Chief Strategy Office at Classle – a leader in online education space with innovative technology to bring together stakeholders in a marketplace network from all corners of the globe. Classle’s Skilling solution is an innovative approach combining both online and offline experiences that just works for developing countries. It is being used in various government, Lateral bodies and colleges through out India and beyond.

Recently, I joined the team of Spicter and Lucitec in Zurich, Switzerland. The team is focused on the problem of Enterprise IT Complexity. What it is?, How to measure it? How to transform the enterprise IT to reduce IT complexity. It is a much needed initiative to solve the growing problem of gradually decreasing IT productivity while the demand of businesses ask for ever increasing IT productivity.

An avid traveler with a keen interest in nature, local customs, culture, music, food and places off the beaten path. A student of languages, dances, yoga and martial arts.

Mani Agrawal

For, those who prefer more resume like who I am check out my LinkedIn profile. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

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