About me


A serial entrepreneur who like challenges of growing a company from concept to maturity and often in new Geographies.

I joined a team of fellow entrepreneurs on an ambitious journey of consolidating the plumbing and HVAC services space in Colorado. The company is Everest Mechanical. We did our first acquisition in Estes Park in Feb 2019. More to follow.

I am also an advisor to Classle – a leader in online education space that is bringing innovative Augmented and Virtual Realty technology to masses at a price point of few dollars per student.

Recently, I joined the team of Spicter in Zurich, Switzerland. The team is focused on the problem of Enterprise IT Complexity and dramatically reducing the cost of developing and maintaining enterprise software. It is a much needed initiative to solve the growing problem of gradually decreasing IT productivity while the demand of businesses ask for ever increasing IT productivity.

I also advise multiple companies and venture funds – such as Technology 9 Lab and Roots venture – around the world that are poised to play a leading role in their chosen domain.

An avid traveler with a keen interest in nature, local customs, culture, music, food and places off the beaten path. A student of languages, dances, yoga and martial arts.

Mani Agrawal

For, those who prefer more resume like who I am check out my LinkedIn profile. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

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