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A serial entrepreneur who like challenges of growing a company from concept to maturity and often in new Geigraphies.

We are launching La Veda – a chain of dairy farms to produce highest possible quality cow milk and supply directly to homes. We have been laying the foundation of it over last year or so. We plan to introduce the milk from our farm on Sep 1, 2016. Please reach out and be a part of the story.

The story of cow milk started in Feb 2013 when I came to New Delhi, India and launched an integrated dairy farm – O’Leche – to supply pure cow milk in New Delhi/NCR. Project was a roaring success with a 2-3 month waiting list to back the claim. The end of 2014 brought the exit from O’Leche. The new venture La Veda brings together the learnings, new thoughts and a dream of what it could be.

I am also an advisor to Classle – a leader in online education space with innovative technology to bring together stakeholders in a marketplace network from all corners of the globe.

An avid traveler with a keen interest in nature, local customs, culture, music, food and places off the beaten path. A student of languages, dances, yoga and martial arts.

Mani Agrawal

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