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Launching “La Veda”


A concept – of supplying pure cow milk – that started in 2013 is now a realty. The lessons learned with founding of O’Leche, the successes and failures and lots of R&D have given birth to La veda. It’s a single minded goal of producing the highest possible quality cow milk and bringing it directly to homes of the consumers.

The first of La Veda dairy farm is under way in Aravali hills of Rajasthan. This farm would show case many of our innovations around upkeep and feeding of cows to how we all will live at the farm. The new ideas abound from simple planting of the trees to how the energy is generated. BTW, the farm is completely off-grid.

It’s an exercise in getting out of the way of the nature. Which is often harder than expected. It’s a journey and we would like you to be a part of it. Your ideas, thoughts, observations are valuable so keep them coming.


Renewable energy from your water tap


I was hooked moment I saw this device by Ryan Jobgwoo Choi. Not sure how much energy it produces but what an idea. Worth taking it further.


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The forgotten renewable energy source


Ask anyone to name top renewable energy sources and the answer invariably starts with Solar and Wind. The third place tie up could be between geo-thermal, “everything else” and “I don’t know.” Hardly ever anyone mentions the bio-energy. The energy that we generate from human and animal waste among other things. This is remarkable as the benefits of bio energy are far more with far fewer side effects. Consider…

  • Requires low technology and skills
  • Waste recycling
  • Manure generation
  • Natural gas that can easily be consumed in modern vehicles and other systems
  • Low investment

I could go on but you get the picture. Many developing countries could entirely meet their energy needs just by efficiently using the animal waste.

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Preparing work force for solar energy revolution


The future of solar energy is no longer a topic of debate. It is well accepted in most circles that it will play a significant role in our energy mix going forward. The debate, however, that needs to be held is how are we going to prepare the next generation of skilled work force to take up the task of creating and maintaing the solar infrastructure.

Advit foundation and Classle are taking a bold step forward. They just introduced an online solar energy training course. First of many such courses to be precise. I can not think of a better way of training a global work force in more effective and efficient manner.

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Anaerobic Digester – the first pit


The first of the many pits for our Anaerobic Digesters at O’Leche

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Bio-electricity potential of India’s cows


By various estimates there are approximately 300 million (give and take a few) cows in India. Assume if all the dung/urine is processed through Anaerobic digesters we would probably generate 250 to 400 million cubic meters of bio-gas every day. This translates to roughly 250 million units of electricity every day. And this is just for cows (and other cattle). We are yet to count all the chickens, pigs, horses and just about all other animals.

Why not human waste? And for that matter why not waste from restaurants, slaughterhouses, food processing industries etc. The possibilities are endless if you just let your imagination run wild.

Do you think this can solve India’s electricity problem? I think so and get environmental benefits as a bonus.