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Should we (humans) drink milk?


Yesterday, a friend argued that we, humans, should not drink Cow’s (or for that matter milk from any animal) milk. Her logic was that if humans needed milk beyond an age (say a year or two) then nature would have given human females ability to produce milk as they do after giving birth.

A point that I had never come across before! It made me think, should we drink milk and in my case LaVeda Cow’s milk?

A sleepless night then it hit me. If we take her argument to the extreme i.e., eat/drink only what is readily provided by the nature. We should be able to take it without any special tools like a knife and consume without any alterations like cooking. If that is the case then just about anything except few fruits and vegetables should not be consumed. After all, that is what is naturally given to us. I am sure this would be just fine and some one must have come up with a diet plan by now.

However, restricting our diet to this level based on the logic of eating/drinking what is naturally available is beyond comprehension to me. And frankly speaking extreme. So, without any moral guilt I can safely say that “Yes, we should drink milk.”


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Cows enjoying a sunny winter day



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Magic of yoga and cow’s milk


Since the age of Veda’s there has always been a magical connection between Yoga and Cow’s milk. Laveda milk takes you back in time.

Laveda cow milk noida Delhi Gurgaon Yoga

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Down the memory lane with 2014


My heart felt wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your loved ones!

For me, 2014 has been a year of true highs and lows. This is the year when I was diagnosed with brain tumor that thankfully turned out to be benign. O’Leche started shipping in Feb after a grueling 11 months since the idea first came. The tiny concept has blossomed to be the face of pure cow milk in Delhi/NCR. I joined the tremendously talented team of Classle who are hell bent upon changing the face of education.

Along the way, I managed to sneak few vacations to the temples and ruins of northern Thailand, Angkorwat and beaches of Cambodia, Lovely towns of Laos and the islands of Philippines.

I am thankful to my friends from school days to colleagues at various companies and the people I met in India. They were there in support all along the way whether it was to deal with the armed attacks at the dairy farm or to manage many trips to hospitals. I truly feel lucky.

Looking forward to 2015. It is already showing promises to be another great year :)


Judge but only positively


A discussion with a friend left me thoroughly confused yesterday. She did not like any one judging her. She, also, claimed to not judge anyone. This coming from some one who likes to be told she is beautiful, smart, successful etc. etc. In realty, she constantly comments on how other women dress, walk, behave etc. So, what gives?

I thought about it for a while and then it hit me that she is not the only one who does it. We all do it. We constantly evaluate the environment around us, correlate it to our stored mental scripts and take decisions. Most of the time unconsciously but we do it. Heck, my dogs do the same thing. It’s essential for our day to day functioning.

In fact, she really did not care if anyone judged her. All she wanted was people to say only positive things. If they are negative then still just say the positives. Make up stuff if need. At the same time she reserved the right to express negative things about others but not in front of them. I find most of us are of the same mind set.

A mutually agreed upon social system based around judging but sharing only positive thoughts to protect the fragile egos. Food for thought!

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How to build trust – the algorithm


A phrase that we hear often, “You don’t trust me!” This puts the blame directly on the person who is not trusting. I have always felt uncomfortable with this phrase. Am I to trust everyone irrespective of what they are doing or done? It is not that I consciously decide who to trust and who not to. The thought has a mind of it’s own.

Recently, some one shared this graphics with me. I don’t know who the creator of the graphic is. So, the credit goes to the anonymous person until I manage to identify him/her. This strike a chord with me. The answer was so simple and elegant, almost like an algorithm (I have an old love affair with algorithms).

Finally, no blame game just an answer. Enjoy…

Define trust


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