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A week with Ayurveda


For the past week I surrendered myself to the hands of an Ayrvedic doctor in an Ashram setting. She has been advising me on my brain tumor issue for last few months. It was a week long session of Yoga, meditation, Panchkarma (some parts), and a general relaxation at Aurobindo Ashram in Delhi.

Who knew, I went in with a lot of skepticism and came back with a 180 degree change of mind. I was some what afraid of drinking a lot of cow’s ghee everyday, eating once a day and sleeping at around 9:30 pm. It all sounded up-side down. For the first few days, it did feel that way but somehow the things turned around. The deep relaxation set in. I was no longer hungry. The energy level was back up. Hmmm may be there is something really is there in all these seemingly up-side down practices.

I started reading more into it. These practices are more than 5-6000 years old and if some one kept the data may be volumes could be filled. They are part of our Vedic heritages that we seem to have forgotten. me included. They are not up-side down its more of how I thought.

Time to rediscover!!!

The net-net, I came back feeling better with lot less headaches, far fewer toxins, 6 lbs lighter and full of energy. Not a bad way to spend the week.


An eve of Tango


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Catching a train in China


Some one pointed this video out. Glad I wasn’t there.

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Why indians prefer full fat milk


I often wondered why Indians at large prefer to drink/consume full fat (6% to 8%) milk. They believe that more fat the milk has the better it is. The rest of the world is trying to reduce the fat intake in its diet. The focus is on protein and other nutritients. Most Indians seem to firmly hold on to high fat percentage belief especially in their milk which happens to be the biggest source of protein especially for vegetarians.

Why is that?

The question puzzled me immensely for a while now. So, I decided to talk to many of our customers and many who refused to buy from us as pure cow milk is naturally lower in fat. The key reasons that I could infer are…

  1. A measure of quality – Historically milk in India was delivered by a local milkman. These milkmen were notorious for mixing water in the milk. This could easily be detected by the resulting lower fat content (lower cream production etc).So in time a high fat content became synonym with higher quality milk.
  2. A multi-purpose product – Frequently the household will extract butter, ghee and other products from the raw milk before drinking it. A high fat content milk will yield higher amount of butter which is a popular cooking ingredient in Indian cooking.
  3. Obese appearance – In India an obese person is often considered a wealthy person. A high fat percentage (6% to 8%) milk helps with obesity. The attitude may be changing but the old habits die hard.

This is not the most scientific survey. More needs to be done to understand the habits and how it affects the health of millions of people. Meanwhile, it suffices to say that one should re-examine the beliefs regarding the high fat content milk. May be there was a reason (low fat content among others) why our ancestors preferred natural cow milk!

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A long hiatus, a good reason


I have not updated this blog in a while. Normally, I would blame it to my laziness. Wish, I could this time, however. I got diagnosed with a potentially benign brain tumor few months ago. This ended up putting all other work on back burner. Life is slowly getting back to normal and so is this blog. Promise to be more regular going forward.


A guide for men – How t keep a lady happy


In response to my last post on how to keep a man happy, a friend shared this. Way too good not to share.

A man only needs to be

  1. a friend
  2. a companion
  3. a lover
  4. a brother
  5. a father
  6. a body guard
  7. a chef
  8. an electrician
  9. a plumber
  10. a mechanic
  11. a carpenter
  12. a decorator
  13. a fashion critique
  14. a sexologist
  15. a gynecologist
  16. a psychologist
  17. a pest exterminator
  18. a psychiatrist
  19. a healer
  20. a good listener
  21. an organizer
  22. a good father
  23. very clean
  24. sympathetic
  25. athletic
  26. warm
  27. attentive
  28. gallant
  29. intelligent
  30. funny
  31. creative
  32. tender
  33. strong
  34. understanding
  35. tolerant
  36. prudent
  37. ambitious
  38. capable
  39. courageous
  40. determined
  41. truthful with capable of lying when she asks
  42. dependable
  43. passionate
  44. give her compliments regularly
  45. Go shopping with her
  46. be honest but not too much
  47. be very rich
  48. not stress her out
  49. not look at other girls
  50. give her lots of attention
  51. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
  52. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes.
  53. never forget birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, arrangements she makes even at the last minute
  54. never criticize her friends, family, or any one she knows