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A guide for men – How t keep a lady happy


In response to my last post on how to keep a man happy, a friend shared this. Way too good not to share.

A man only needs to be

  1. a friend
  2. a companion
  3. a lover
  4. a brother
  5. a father
  6. a body guard
  7. a chef
  8. an electrician
  9. a plumber
  10. a mechanic
  11. a carpenter
  12. a decorator
  13. a fashion critique
  14. a sexologist
  15. a gynecologist
  16. a psychologist
  17. a pest exterminator
  18. a psychiatrist
  19. a healer
  20. a good listener
  21. an organizer
  22. a good father
  23. very clean
  24. sympathetic
  25. athletic
  26. warm
  27. attentive
  28. gallant
  29. intelligent
  30. funny
  31. creative
  32. tender
  33. strong
  34. understanding
  35. tolerant
  36. prudent
  37. ambitious
  38. capable
  39. courageous
  40. determined
  41. truthful with capable of lying when she asks
  42. dependable
  43. passionate
  44. give her compliments regularly
  45. Go shopping with her
  46. be honest but not too much
  47. be very rich
  48. not stress her out
  49. not look at other girls
  50. give her lots of attention
  51. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
  52. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes.
  53. never forget birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, arrangements she makes even at the last minute
  54. never criticize her friends, family, or any one she knows

A guide for ladies – How to keep a man happy


Recently, a friend posted on her Facebook page a list of how to keep a man happy. It was way too long (more than 5 items). I disagree. So, here is my version. Applies to (not all) most of the men…

  1. Feed him
  2. Sleep with him
  3. Leave him alone

That’s it ladies. It’s not really any more complicated than this.


The local barber shop: India’s original social network


Today, I went to the local barber shop for a haircut. For $1.50 not only did I get a good haircut but a head massage (champi in local lingo) thrown in for a good measure. This was the first time I have been to this shop. It was nothing special. Couple of simple barber chairs and a bench for waiting customers, newspapers, and an old TV playing bollywood music. Most people including couple of barbers were smoking and drinking tea while shaving and giving haircuts. The conversation was omni-directional with no clear goal or topic. But all in all it was a lively atmosphere and every one seem to know every one else.

Barbers and other customers were very curious about me, the new customer. Without any hesitation the question were directed towards me with in few minutes of entering the shop. They wanted to know all, where I came from, why here, what I do, how much I make (Indian’s love asking that question), family life etc. I was some what expecting it so was well prepared for the assault. It lasted no more than 5 min. They were not in a particular hurry as it was quickly established that I will be a repeat customer. They will have plenty of time later to grill me.

The interesting part was that they freely started offering information about everyone in the neighborhood. Names, addresses, family, profession, income (or best guess), assets, who is seeing whom and all other forms of gossips were a fair game. More intelligence than one could ever get from professional private detectives.

By the time the haircut and Champi was done, I was a well established member of the group. I was offered the tea and the promise to help in anyway they can because I had just replanted to India. It reminded me of the uncles and aunts that I made during early days of moving to India.

This was probably the most efficient social network I have ever come across. Within a span of 30 minutes I went from a total stranger to a part of the neighborhood and learned a lot about it.

Facebook and Twitter got nothing on it.

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One Rottweiler is not enough


Genghis (in the bottom) and Simba (on the top)

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The Rottweiler


The new addition to the family, a one month old Rottweiler puppy. He is already active and seemingly unfazed by the new sounds, people and locations. He is quickly adjusting to the lifestyle from riding in the Thar to chasing the pigeons. Soon he will move with me to the farm to be the companion and to guard.

Many people advised against a Rottweiler due to its apparent aggression. However, I do believe that a dog is not inherently aggressive. It takes on the personality of the owner/handler and simply reacts to the environment around him. It is all a matter of his training and upkeep. Rottweiler like any other dog is not born dangerous. People make him so.

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First tango in Delhi


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