Clean India Project and Old Delhi Railway Station


The day after Diwali I took a train to a town near Lucknow. The train started from Old Delhi railway station. It was the day after Diwali so I was expecting a less crowded station. How wrong could I be. The station was an ocean of humanity. Apparently, lots of workers especially from Bihar, who have migrated to Delhi, go back to their home towns for Diwali but after the festival. Oh well.

What was disturbing in this ocean of humanity was complete lack of civic sense among the travelers when it came to cleanliness or hygiene. People were throwing the wrappers from food items, used pouches of tobacco products, water bottles and just about anything they wanted everywhere they wanted including next to where they were sitting or standing. Washing of hands, feet and faces were performed at any empty space they could find. The only concern seem to be throwing dirty water or waste on another human being. However, next to the person was a fair game.

Spitting took on a whole new meaning. Any vertical object; such as pillars, walls, even standing train; was particularly attractive to all “paan” and “gutkha” chewing public. To an uninitiated it looked like a spitting competition.

I was thinking about all the press Clean India Project. The major politicians and other famous people with brooms. Very encouraging pictures. But, shouldn’t they focus on teaching people civic sense first. This may not create good photo-op but may actually be a bolder step towards cleaning the country.


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  1. 29/11/2014Bala says:

    Good one Mani
    Our people have forgotten cleanliness

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