Five Policy Proposals for Reviving US Manufacturing Base


During the last few weeks I have been writing about the manufacturing in USA (or America as I have often referred to in my writing).  I hinted at various policy initiatives that could breath life into our declining manufacturing base. In this article (and the few following it) I would like bring them all together and go into a bit more detail of some of these initiatives.

I believe that these five policies could be the foundational building block of our manufacturing base:

  1. Elevate Made in America Brand
  2. Manufacturing specific incentives
  3. Investment in Research and Developments
  4. Right size the regulations
  5. Level the global playing field

Each one of these policy initiatives should be helpful but when taken together they could have an impact far greater than individual initiatives. Sort of whole is more than the sum of the parts belief.

These are just my thoughts and merely a starting point for the discussion. I would love to hear from you!

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