How fresh is your milk packet purchased over the counter



Milk cows or buffaloes and transport to local collection point (3 to 4 hrs)

Testing of milk and add to the collection tank (1 hr approx)

Collected milk picked up by the tankers (4 to 18 hrs)

Tankers driven to milk processing centers (6 to 24 hrs)

Tankers deposit milk in collection pits and milk wait for it turns to be processed (2 to 6 hrs)

Pasteurization, homogenization, mechanical separation, packing etc. (varies…1 to 2 hr)

Loading, Transport thru trucks, unloading at retailers (6 to 12 hrs)

Best guess: You are waiting outside the store to pick it up (No time or however long it takes)

It takes roughly 1-3 days for the milk to reach to you from the farmers for a typical mass produced milk pouches. So much for the fresh milk!

Check out Laveda cow’s milk where we directly supply from our farm to your home and in hours. And the milk is moved in a temperature controlled environment along it’s journey.

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