How to enhance the employee engagement – a case study


In a recent Gallup survey worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged at work. Need less to say that it directly affects the bottom line in terms of lost productivity. That by some estimation is $450-500  billion annually for US alone. To me this number sounds high but even if we cut it in half it is still big.

So, how does an organization deal with the employee engagement challenge? The engagement issue spans across educational, geographical, gender and age boundaries implying that there has to be a missing common thread. While, I do not proclaim to be an employee engagement expert would like to share one of our project in IT industry that may shed some light on this issue.

The situation

A market leading IT services company that operates in multiple countries. To manage the growth and growing business they need to hire a large number of students straight from the college at a substantial recruiting cost. The lead time between making the offer to joining is 6-12 months. What they found that in spite of a good offer many of the recruits simply did not join the firm leading to an escalating recruitment cost and management bandwidth.

The strategy

We decided to increase the level of engagement with potential recruits with Classle’s cloud campus solution. The recruits were offered free online courses which were led by the senior employees. A learning based community was created that actively did the IT projects in small teams, shared content and learning and much more.

The result

Number of recruits who did not join dropped by 20-30% depending upon the college and semester. Even more, the recruits who joined were much better skilled and had a high degree of brand awareness and loyalty that helped in future recruitment drives.

Why can’t we extend the similar concept to existing employees. I believe that the shared learning experience not only enhances the employees skill set but also increases the engagement.

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