Judge but only positively


A discussion with a friend left me thoroughly confused yesterday. She did not like any one judging her. She, also, claimed to not judge anyone. This coming from some one who likes to be told she is beautiful, smart, successful etc. etc. In realty, she constantly comments on how other women dress, walk, behave etc. So, what gives?

I thought about it for a while and then it hit me that she is not the only one who does it. We all do it. We constantly evaluate the environment around us, correlate it to our stored mental scripts and take¬†decisions. Most of the time unconsciously but we do it. Heck, my dogs do the same thing. It’s essential for our day to day functioning.

In fact, she really did not care if anyone judged her. All she wanted was people to say only positive things. If they are negative then still just say the positives. Make up stuff if need. At the same time she reserved the right to express negative things about others but not in front of them. I find most of us are of the same mind set.

A mutually agreed upon social system based around judging but sharing only positive thoughts to protect the fragile egos. Food for thought!

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