Launching “La Veda”


A concept – of supplying pure cow milk – that started in 2013 is now a realty. The lessons learned with founding of O’Leche, the successes and failures and lots of R&D have given birth to La veda. It’s a single minded goal of producing the highest possible quality cow milk and bringing it directly to homes of the consumers.

The first of La Veda dairy farm is under way in Aravali hills of Rajasthan. This farm would show case many of our innovations around upkeep and feeding of cows to how we all will live at the farm. The new ideas abound from simple planting of the trees to how the energy is generated. BTW, the farm is completely off-grid.

It’s an exercise in getting out of the way of the nature. Which is often harder than expected. It’s a journey and we would like you to be a part of it. Your ideas, thoughts, observations are valuable so keep them coming.

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  1. 23/09/2016Abhishek says:

    Dear Mr. Agarwal. Greetings.

    After investing more than a decade to corporate alongwith parallel aspirations to get into Agro and Dairy space, i believe this is the time I should work towards turning aspirations into reality.

    With minor steps taken recently, I am willing to connect with you for a short chat with an intent to seek some guidance. Request you to spare some valuable time of yours.

    And yes, I did try sample of “La Veda”. Its Motivational.

    Best Regards,

  2. 30/09/2016Mani says:

    Sure Abhishek. Sending you an email

  3. 27/11/2016Common myths vs reality of LaVeda cow’s milk - Mani Agrawal says:

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