Next step in reputation management for professionals


Creating, maintaining and continuously enhancing the reputation is a challenge for all professionals. The traditional tools such as which college, which company and the projects form a significant part of our reputation. However, they are seldom sufficient. A vast majority has taken to writing (blogs, research papers, books etc). Most of us are  now active on more than few social media sites to grow our network.

Teaching is one more tool that many have employed through traditional Brick and Mortar universities. The opportunity is limited to those with access and willing ness to commit significant  time. These strategies are time tested and effective but they are not be all when it come to managing our professional reputation.

Consider growing your repertoire to include teaching online. You develop a course in your area of expertise and disseminate worldwide using platforms like Classle. The magnifying effect of internet has the potential of taking your name and reputation to unchartered territories and of course the familiar ones. You could be earning a recurring side income (not unlike book royalties) while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.


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