Role of education in the age of failure


Recently, New York Times wrote a thought provoking article on Failure Age. An excellent article around innovation, life cycle of an idea, a business model, family structure or society in general. The failure loop is getting tighter and tighter. Article only made a passing comment to the role of education in this process. However, I think that the changing face of education will be a crucial catalyst and an enabler.

In the current educational model, the best of the education is limited to the hand of few concentrated around large cities. They also become the hub of innovation for the knowledge economy. Imagine the new business model that can be enabled if a wider, geographically dispersed population had access to quality education at an affordable cost using technologies such as cloud campus. From local innovation to new business models, they will all lead to a new face of economy that we may not have fully appreciated today. Needless to say the economic impact of bringing billions, with previously under-tapped potential, into this new economic realty.

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