Should I write a book about relocating to India?


The last few months of relocating to India has been a tremendous learning experience. The people, business environment, the trust, driving and traffic, security and ever present threat of violence under the surface one one hand. Intimacy, food, culture, depth of relationships and long last friends on the other hand. It is indeed a cornucopia of experiences. More one (especially an expat) knows India more the love and hate.

I was born in India. But a long sustained absence made many aspects of it foreign. The one-two week long family reconnection or two-three day long business meeting trips every year or so, where I was sheltered from all not so pleasant situations, do not do much to deepen the cultural shocks arising from relocation.

I am sure I am not the first one and will not be the last. However, if some one could have shared these experiences I would be much better prepared. At least, I think so.

I am not an accomplished writer. My written work is limited to business correspondence and short blog posts. OK, apart from the Ph.D. thesis. It could be a formidable challenge. Something to think about.

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  1. 22/08/2013Sudeep says:

    Hi Mani,

    Nice to read your comments about the relocation. Please visit if you would like read similar experiences from others.

  2. 23/08/2013Mani says:

    Good forum Sudeep. Thanks for pointing it out.

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