What is my social media strategy for 2015


The last few cocktail parties, friends and strangers alike have been asking me, repeatedly I must say, about my social media strategy for 2015. Both, for me personally and for all the businesses (O’Leche and Classle) that I am involved in. By the 4th enquiry I was really wondering, “Is it something like a new year’s resolution that I am suppose to have?” I had not given it a thought.

So, has the social media landscape really changed all that much in 2014? Is there some new social network or platform that I must pay attention to? Or is something like Y2K problem that manifests on 2014 new year’s eve. I, none the less, decided to write it down as I am sure in next cocktail party some one will ask again.

Here it is…

Create better content – When I go back and read old blog posts or look at the presentations I am left with the feeling that we could have done a better job. Whether it was to explain a topic, grammar, visuals or lack there of or myriad of other reasons, the content produced could have been better.

Explore more content types – I have always felt comfortable with slides. May be it is due to my management consulting background. It’s time, I need to go beyond blog posts, pictures and slides. The next thing in my list are videos and creating a course and may be some infographics.

Be consistent – In past I have either been too involved or simply disappeared for an extended period of time. This breaks the flow and I end up doing more damage than good. So, I am building a schedule (twitter especially) and sticking to it.

Explore the less travelled paths – Frankly, same old same old is getting a bit boring. There are a lots of smaller, niche social media sites and mobile apps. It’s time to make new friends and grow the circle.

Go old fashion being social – I see a direct correlation between my offline activities (startups, travels, parties, hobbies…) and the size and quality of my network. So, I am planning to turn off my iPhone and be more involved in real life next year.

That’s it. As the Panda would say, “There is no secret magical sauce!”

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