Why I don’t drive in India


Yesterday, someone asked me this question…and my reasons, not in any particular order, are:

  1. Not a fan of carrying a huge life or permanent disability insurance policies
  2. I like playing video games but not be in it
  3. Can’t understand which traffic signs to follow or ignore and when
  4. Can’t figure out the concept of who has the right-of-way. The easy explanation, offered by many, of larger vehicle has the right-of-way does not always hold true
  5. My eyes are not designed to see through “high beams”
  6. My ability to park in non-existent, or barely enough, spaces is limited
  7. Really not good at guessing if it is a speed-breaker (unpainted)
  8. Not used to driving on the lane marker or on shoulders or on wrong side of the road for that matter
  9. Genuinely scared of the law (or just the common practice) of bigger vehicle is always at fault in case of an accident and the public beating of the driver that follows
  10. Good drivers (who have figured all this out) are easily available for $150-200/month

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  1. 27/09/2013Sandeepan Kundu says:

    Loved the post. Its so true.
    I agree to all the above points about driving in city.

    I love to drive but not in city, only on highways.

  2. 27/09/2013Sudeep Nair says:

    Ha ha, nice one, Mani. The first qualification for driving in India is to understand the language of “Honking”. Vehicles mutually negotiate the right-of-way through honking.

  3. 28/09/2013Mani says:

    I completely forgot about honking. Thanks for pointing that out

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